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September 3, 2007



A Game...

Mon Sep 3, 2007, 11:03 PM
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Listening to: the air conditioning....
  • Reading: Cereal & Pajamas....PICK IT UP NOW!!
  • Watching: dust collect on my shelves
  • Playing: don't want to go into work tommorow
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Diet Coke
8 Random Facts

Cool.....What a nice way of getting to know everyone better...

My new friend :icongarryhenderson: tagged me into his 8 Random Facts game. are the rules....

1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal / blog of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

Random facts:

1) I am expecting my first child, a daughter.... in November.

2) Milk on cereal makes me grosses me out...isn't that bizarre? My whole life I've eaten dry cereal....even Cap'N Crunch....ouch.

3) I am horrifically terrified of Ronald MacDonald....that sonofabitch.....

4) My all time idol and inspiration is Jim Henson (who I wrote to when I was 10 and received a letter back from him!)

5) My favorite stand up comedian is Patton Oswalt.

6) I took a 1/2 inch of my finger off with a table saw...and the nail grew back completely!

7) I have a huge crush on Tina Fey.

8) I collect Tiki Mugs and vintage (or replicas of) Tin Robots

i am tagging these fine people....I'm a new guy so don't kill me....

:icontimkelly:   :iconhaaspodge:   :icongh-mongo:   :icondanschoening:   :icond-na:   :iconlightbombmike:   :iconeddie-lee:   :iconred-clover:   :iconmattwileyart:   :iconuniverse-k:   :iconskulljammer: :iconzebes:

Sorry guys.....I hope you don't mind..... Enjoy!
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LaSpook Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2007  Student Photographer
Well, it's more of a "staring at them through the internet" sort of thing :D
..but someday I will have LOADS.. I'm sure. :giggle:

Wow!! XD I bet that menu card looks so cool! :)
RobbVision Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2007
It's kind of hard to find. Tiki Farm has some great repro well as design from current artists!
LaSpook Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2007  Student Photographer
Thanks! :excited: I'll check it out! :D
kayjkay Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2007  Professional Filmographer
Jim Henson is awesome! I grew up loving the Muppets and the Storyteller series! I've driven past the Jim Henson Studios on a number of occassions and wondered what it would be like to work there.

And as for cereal, you are NOT alone. I hate milk in cereal, not to the point of being ill, but I really can't stand it. Dry cereal is awesome! Especially Chex Mix.

And congrats/good luck towards a healthy pregancy /birth of your first babe. Very cool :)
RobbVision Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2007
hahahahah! I get sick about it too....I can't stand seeing crunchy stuff get waterlogged and soggy. Wet dog food floating in a dog's waterbowl grosses me out too....I suppose that would gross anybody out.

Cool, you have driven past Henson studios? I'm jealous. They are in Chaplin's old building which is haunted I guess!!!! A few years ago my wife and I tried to look for their original workshop in New York, but it was getting dark and we decided to head back. i would love to work for them too!

thanks on the baby congrats!

Are you a fan of the Dark Crystal? the sequel is out next year! Whooo hoo!
JBourlett Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2007

So hot. I completely agree!
RobbVision Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2007 with glasses are hot....
JBourlett Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2007
Can't disagree there.
RobbVision Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2007
hell yeah!
sushikitten Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2007
I see a lot of dudes missing parts of fingers (or whole fingers, or whole hands) at work, but that's what I get for working in a steel fabrication shop. I guess it kinda comes with the territory.

I'm not a big fan of milk on my cinnamon oast crunch. I like it better dry!

One of the girls I work with had her first bebe in April (a girl) - she and her boyfriend we going to name her Jayden up until the last minute when they realized that there were a lot of Jaydens in the local birth announcements (also, didn't Britney spears name her kid Jayden? I'm not up on these things) so they ended up "making up" a name - Jayla. Kid's seriously cute, has been sleeing the whole night since the night they brought her home. I'm talking like 8pm to 8am, with maybe, MAYBE a 2 am diaper change or feeding.

I just know my first kids are gonna be colicky triplets, I just know it.
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